Discover our Industrial Liquid Painting service in Treviso

La industrial painting it is a process that allows you to protect and decorate a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, glass, wood and others with industry-specific paints.

Our company is Painting company in the province of Treviso which is mainly concerned with  liquid painting it is the most effective way to paint any type of material obtaining high level results.

Liquid painting is particularly suitable for industrial sector as, through this type of processing, it is possible to obtain high level and valuable effects and finishes such as mirror painting which is a declination of chromium plating which allows you to apply a reflective effect of unmistakable appeal to the product. Furthermore, it is possible painting plastics, metal, glass, ceramic, wood or more.


Surface preparation

Before applying paint, it is essential to prepare the surface properly. This may include removing any existing dirt, grease, rust or paint, sanding to a smooth surface and thorough cleaning.

Types of paints

There are different types of industrial paints, each with specific characteristics. Some examples include solvent-based paints, water-based paints, powder paints and epoxy paints. The choice will depend on the specific needs of the project and the materials to be painted.


Paint can be applied through various methods, including spraying, brushing, dipping or electroplating. The choice of method depends on the type of paint, the size of the component and the technical specifications.

Drying and polymerization

After application, the paint must dry and cure to form a solid, durable coating. This may require passing it through ovens or using specific drying procedures.

Quality control

Industrial painting requires rigorous quality control to ensure the coating is uniform, durable and meets required specifications.

Environmental regulations and safety

Industrial painting can involve the use of chemicals and solvents, so it is important to take worker safety precautions and comply with environmental regulations regarding emissions and waste management.


Electrophoretic coatings

it is a process of immersion painting applicable on highly conductive elements, such as metals.

This is a preparation process; the peculiarity of this application system allows you to reach any point of the element to be painted, even where, for example, there are folded metal sheets or portions that would otherwise be difficult. reachable. This process has found widespread use in the automotive industry over the last 20-25 years and this is the reason why today's cars no longer suffer from corrosion problems.

The process that allows the paint product to bond to the item to be painted is similar to a galvanic process, in which a low voltage, high current direct electric current flows through the item to be painted and through the paint product. In this way the paint is "recalled", through field and electrochemical processes, the nature of which we will not dwell on, to the element and bonds to it.

The difference between anaphoresis (anodic painting) and cataphoresis (cathodic painting)

it is the direction of the current: from the element to the paint in anaphoresis, from the paint to the element in cataphoresis.

It should be noted that cataphoresis and anaphoresis they are technological processes of paint deposition, not drying: at the end of the process the paint must then be cross-linked, generally in ovens at temperatures between 170 and 230 °C.

Differences between industrial liquid painting and industrial powder painting



Best finishing quality.

Widely used in sectors such as Automotive, Eyewear, Fashion and Luxury Design, sectors in which quality and the added value that is created are in first place in the "ranking" of priorities.

Lower finishing quality.

Widely used in the heavy and light carpentry sector where price is more important to the detriment of quality.

Applicable on any material.

Thanks to processing cycles that operate at very low temperatures it is possible to paint plastic as well as metal, glass, wood and much more...

Applicable only on metals.

The processing cycles operate at temperatures that average around 180°C, this does not allow the processing of thermo-deformable materials such as, for example, plastic.

Low thickness and high resistance.

Thanks to the molecular composition of the paints it is possible to significantly limit the thickness of the paint finish (approximately 0,04mm per layer) while maintaining very high resistance parameters.

High thickness painting only.

This type of application does not allow you to work with thin thicknesses but rather lends itself more to creating a lot of thickness and filling.

Countless finishes and customizations available.

Thousands of finishes and special effects are available as well as the possibility of always creating new ones upon customer request.

Limited number of finishes and colors available.

This process is usually performed only on color references present in the RAL or NCS tables.

Le liquid paints most requested by companies concern the following materials:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Nylon (PA)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Plexiglas (PMMA)
  • Acetate and TR90
  • Polyurethane(PU)
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Steel


• Hundreds of Special Effects available such as Antique, Brushed, Satin, Etched, Burnished, Rust, Soft-Touch, Embossed, Chrome and many others;
• Can be performed on even very complex products or components in both small and large formats;
• Achievable in small, medium or large runs thanks to the flexibility of our manual and automatic systems;
• Can be performed on rigid or flexible materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, glass, ceramic, wood, fabric and leather;
• Very High Quality Results thanks to the Pressurized Environments we have available which guarantee the Absence of Dust during Processing;
• High Mechanical and Chemical Resistance thanks to the Highest Quality Raw Materials;
• Possibility to create new effects on request also on RAL or NCS basis.

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      Special industrial painting

      Quality and Reliability of ANBOindustry Paintings

      Service industrial painting spray of ANBOindustry is carried out with the use of latest generation automatic and manual technological systems operating in pressurized environments (clean rooms) which allow final results to be obtained well above the standard.


      The quality and reliability of the service is guaranteed by ANBOindustry and is also given by the continuous research and development of new techniques and technologies which over time have led to the management of complete water cycles which make painting even more ecological and performing also as mechanical resistance.


      For decades in the field of coloring, decoration and industrial printing, ANBOindustry has used all its experience to respond to every type of request and successfully resolve any problem related to painting with cutting-edge tools and solutions.

      Its motto is "quality, resistance, reliability and attention to the smallest details".

      In particular painting jobs we carry out meticulous work painting masking  in the area that must not be worked.


      Thanks to its highly specialized team, it achieves liquid spray painting for small and large formats, even two-colour through the use of masks studied, designed and produced internally, guaranteeing the same quality standards thanks to both automated and manual work processes.

      Industrial painting with special effects

      In addition to painting with traditional colors ANBOindustry also produces special effect paints, metallic paints including gold and silver, pearl paints, glitter paints, iridescent paints, chrome plating, glossy and matt paints, glossy and matt finishes, paints certified for children's and food use, antibacterial paints, and much more.

      The entire ANBOindustry team, from the company management to the technician specialized in the technical assistance service, collaborate together to obtain workmanship with work of art results that lead to full customer satisfaction.

      Some Realizations