ANBOindustry ® is an Italian company (Treviso) specialized, for over 15 years, in the world of 3D decoration and Industrial hydro dipping & special effect industrial painting, industrial printing and special treatments.
Hydro dipping, also called dipping or water transfer printing, is an innovative technique that allows you to decorate infinite types of objects, including three-dimensional or irregular shapes, by immersing them in water.
With this system you can create thousands of effects and finishes such as: carbon, wood, briar-root, marble, mimetic, camouflage, brushed metal, and many others.
ANBOindustry has a fully automated line among the most important in Europe and is able to satisfy even the most important requests, both in terms of productivity and quality, without neglecting, thanks to a second semi-automatic plant, also the sampling phase and small runs .

The company is also among the only ones in the sector, able to develop even the single prototype or sample with graphics provided by the customer. ANBOindustry therefore addresses both small but above all medium and large companies operating in many sectors. From automotive to electronics, from the flight industry to the toy industry, and even eyewear, lighting, design and fashion to the nautical industry and the world of hunting and fishing, and many other niche sectors.


Thanks to its latest generation automatic and semi-automatic systems, ANBOindustry is able to hydro dip thousands of pieces every day, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, and economies of scale among the most important obtainable in Europe on this type of processing.
ANBOindustry can however work effectively even on projects with limited runs or even on single pieces, with a high degree of customization and with the utmost attention to the individual needs of the customer at every stage of the collaboration.


Automotive components, toys, glasses, smartphones and accessories, lamps, telescopes, hairdryers, weapons, furniture and components, hangers and coat hangers, internal components of boats and yachts, accessories for animals, electric plates, ski boots, and much more.
ANBOindustry can decorate any industrial component of any material, small or large (up to 150 × 600 cm), as well as the available finishes and effects such as: briar, wood, marble, carbon, camouflage and many others. If the required finish is not present in the catalogue, ANBOindustry can create it ad hoc quickly at low cost.


In addition to hydro dipping, ANBOindustry realizes liquid painting for small and large formats as well as customized and project adhesive masking for painting, with the possibility of working both on single prototype and on industrial runs.
The solutions are all characterized by a high content of innovation, with a wide choice of types of processing, finishes and effects, always in line with the latest trends in the sector and the most requested styles.